Halloweenies Series 3

Here they are, the 2009 Halloweenies Line-Up. Happy Haunting!

Halloweenies Board Game!

This has been a massive undertaking, but it's finally ready. Because it's a high quality, 11x17 board game with lots of pieces, I'm charging a small fee for downloads on this. For $3.00, you'll be taken to download the full 21 page PDF file. (The cost offsets the price of hosting the download and managing the links, etc.) CLICK THE IMAGE FOR A PREVIEW. Payment is secure through PayPal.

Enjoy, and feel free to comment if you have any questions.

Click here to purchase through PayPal. (Secure, and they accept all major credit and debit cards.)

Once you submit your payment, you'll immediately receive the download link.

Halloweenies Trading Cards - Series One

Print on heavy paper, then cut out along the borders of each card. Collect and trade!

Halloweenies Series 2 - Complete

Here's the second series of Halloweenies Cut-Outs from 2008. Simply follow the instructions on the printouts and enjoy! Series 3 is coming soon!

Halloweenies Cut-Outs Series 1 - Complete

Here's the original Halloweenies Cut-Outs from 2007. Simply follow the instructions on the printouts and enjoy!